The Ladies Biffy

Wicker ladies Lounge

Wicker Ladies Lounge in the North Dakota State Capitol

The first floor women’s room in the North Dakota state capitol building is a trip back in time to an era when gentile ladies had limbs, not legs, wore unmentionables, visited the biffy every so often, and needed a place to take a break from their wearying toils. And so women’s rooms had lounges just like this one.

Taking a Break

My Niece Takes a Break from Her Wearying Toils

But not exactly the same, because this one features wicker furniture woven by patients at the North Dakota Hospital for the Insane in the early years of the 20th century. Each chair has a unique pattern woven into it, an artist’s signature of sorts.

The furniture is still in pristine condition nearly 100 years later. I think that says something special about the people of North Dakota as well as the durability of wicker. On the other hand, maybe it’s been refurbished rather than replaced. They do things like that in North Dakota.

The large photo on the wall shows the former capitol building burning to the ground in 1930. It stands out like a sore thumb in this gentle, cool green and white room. If I were to make one change to the room, I’d move that photo somewhere else, maybe to the men’s room.

The wash room also has its vintage furniture with two Scott paper towel stands, utilitarian yet graceful. Louis Sullivan would be proud.

Scott Paper Towel Stand

Scott Paper Towel Stand

Closeup of Scott Logo

Closeup of Scott Logo

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The Confounded First Post

Amtrak Cascades Arrives at Oregon City Platform

Amtrak Cascades Arrives at the Platform in Oregon City, OR

First posts on a new blog are so hard to write. I’ve been bumbling around with this one for days. Then my niece pointed out that it doesn’t really matter, it will quickly disappear into the sands of time. She suggested I just say hello and get past it. So ….

Hello! I’m Noël Lee, and this is my new blog. I love to travel, and I love to take photographs–lots and lots of them. I have an art photo site, but I post only a select few items there. I’ve been wanting a place where I can tell my stories with lots of photos when I’m traveling. So, Travel … with Camera.

I’m not a long-distance traveler. I won’t be taking you to Bali or Kathmandu, even though another niece lives there, and I’m missing the opportunity of a lifetime by not visiting her. But being wheelchair bound, I am too uncomfortable with flying. (Truth to tell, I was uncomfortable with it even before I grew a set of wheels.) So my travel is by train. And, coming up in ten days, my first cruise. Before that happens, I’m going to catch up on some recent trips with photos that are just burning a hole in my hard drive.

I hope you will come back often and enjoy! xox

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