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I love the story of Skagway. Please indulge me while I tell it. In 1896, gold was discovered in the Yukon, followed immediately by a second discovery: there was no good way to get there. You could try slogging across the Canadian wilderness from Edmonton; that was the longest and most difficult route, and a […]

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We arrived in Juneau in the afternoon after spending the  morning in the Tracy Arm Fjord. I’ve been to Juneau several times because my daughter used to live there and my two older grandchildren were born there. But I’d never noticed all the colorful houses lining the lower hills before. Perhaps now I was seeing […]

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Tracy Arm Fjord

When I awoke Monday morning, we were already gliding through Tracy Arm Fjord on our way to South Sawyer glacier. What magnificent scenery! I went up to the tenth deck, grabbed a cup of tea, and sat out on the veranda to watch this very special world world glide by. The morning chill was still […]

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Ketchikan Totem Poles

Ketchikan features the world’s largest collection of totem poles. They’re all over the town, in public places as well as people’s front yards. We saw only a small number of them on our mobility scooter tour. A good reason to go back to Ketchikan–I’d love to see a lot more! I’m trying something different in […]

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Ketchikan Totem Poles, Page 2

Chief Johnson Pole Chief George Johnson, also known as Skookum Johnson, was the leader of the Tsimshians who moved his people from Canada to the Ketchikan area in 1887. He erected the original pole in 1901. It was known the Kadjuk Pole because it represented the heritage of the Kadjuk House of the Raven clan. […]

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Ketchikan Totem Poles, Page 3

Totem Heritage Center Now we move indoors to the Totem Heritage Center, which preserves endangered poles, mostly from abandoned sites. Half a dozen rescued totems greet you as you enter the door. The picture on the left shows two of them. Below is a bear figure on the top of one of the totems. The […]

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Ketchikan Totem Poles, Page 4

Some Other Totem Poles I didn’t have enough information about these poles to give them their own pages. The one on the left stands outside the Totem Heritage Center. The two figures at the top are wearing sashes from the ANS (Alaska Native Sisterhood) and ANB (Alaska Native Brotherhood). The woman might represent Elizabeth Peratrovich, […]

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Don’t forget you can click any thumbnail to see the full size shot. Do click the above panorama of the dockside, it looks great full size! Ketchikan–the Tlingit name means “thundering wings of an eagle.” Or possibly “the river belonging to Kitschk.”  People seem to favor the first interpretation, and the native sculpture near the […]

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Reminder: Click thumbnails to see the full size pics! I seem to be seeing Seattle in bits and pieces over the years as I pass through on my way someplace else. This time was no exception. Mr. K. and I decided to give ourselves plenty of leeway to get to the cruise ship on time […]

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Powwow at Standing Rock Reservation

We went last spring to a powwow at Fort Yates in the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, a Lakota and Dakota Sioux reservation. The festivities featured dancing, drumming, and chanting contests. It took place in the high school gym, and it was loud … too  loud for me, so I stayed out in the halls and […]

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